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Karma Klasique

Karma Klasique - AF2671

DOB: 07.09.1996
Sire: Mirribinda Tere
Dam: Trissas Joy

Karmas Offspring:

Samphire Park Such Is Life (Gelding) - Sire: Billara Beersheba

(Cleveland Bay Sporthorse Stallion) from Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud. the mating has given us a fabulous mix of Anglo and Warmblood lines and we expect Samphire Park Such Is LIfe (Cowboy)  to be an awesome performance horse in the future!

Tullaroi Bewitched

Tullaroi Bewitched - AF2671

DOB: 07.09.1996
Sire: Flying R Bright Lights
Dam: Saiyatam (by Azraq Tamojen)

Lillys Offspring:

Samphire Park Tabatha (Filly) - Sire: Samphire Park Castan Micah

Lilly is the granddaughter of Tamojen and her dam was known as "Shannon" as a youngster and many folk from Whyalla will remember her well!     Sadly an injury has prevented Lilly from continuing a career in the show ring.   Thanks to Tara Lloyd, Lilly has joined our broodmare herd.

Gone But Not Forgotten
Sanlirra Divine

Sanlirra Divine - A22980/05  

Bay Registered Section A Riding Pony
Sire: Vale Park Spotlight (SRA6585/88)
Dam: Dalmarron Debutante (B20197/02)

Deceased 2016 - due to Colic after the Pinery Fires

Daisys Offspring:

Samphire Park Castan Micah (Stallion)
Samphire Park Castan Righ (Stallion)

Sampire Park Castan Ossian (Gelding)

El Cajal Chameega

El Cajal Chameega - F17678
Sire: Bremervale Chay - Dam: Warrondi Megan

DOB: 24th September 1991

Chameegas Offspring:
Samphire Park Amira (Filly) - Sire: Azraq Tamojen
Samphire Park Lu' Lu' (Filly) - Sire: Azraq Tamojen
Samphire Park Kahileh Nadira (Filly) - Sire: Azraq Tamojen
Samphire Park "Tiny Tam" (Colt) - Sire: Azraq Tamojen
Samphire Park Kahileh Almase (Filly) - Sire: Azraq Tamojen

Samphire Park Jasmin (Filly) - Sire: Koninderie Kaingani


Samphire Park Broodmares



Our gorgeous girls who are producing the wonderful youngsters for us - none of them are 'just a broodmare' - they are all special

and are much loved members of the family, and have earned their retirements when the time comes for them here with us.

Alumeah Options

Alumeah Options - NRF 25148  (B27241/07 RPSB)

Registered Section B Riding Pony who has had a successful

career under saddle with Haillee Byles before coming to use as a broodmare.   She is a sweet mare and produces lovely foals.



Oppies Offspring:
Samphire Park Razzamatazz (Colt - Gelding)
Samphire Park Mr Clancy (Colt - Gelding)
Samphire Park Ultamate Options (Filly)
Samphire Park Little Miss Popular (Filly)

Samphire Park Prince Charming (Colt)

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