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Beth Spurling
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Beth and Terry Spurling, along with their daughter, Kathleen Dalitz and son in law, Darren Dalitz own and operate Samphire Park Stud at Hamley Bridge in South Australia.

Their love affair with their stallion Azraq Tamojen began some 30 years ago when, at the age of 9, Kathleen began riding at Pony Club.

Tam was owned by the PC Instructor who lived next door to them so they soon became captivated by Tam’s wonderful temperament and gentlemanly ways.

It was suggested that Kathleen’s Riding Pony mare be put in foal to ‘calm her down’, and Tamojen was the obvious choice. 

When the foal first hit the ground, it was obvious that he had inherited his Dad’s wonderful temperament and was something special from the word go!

When the opportunity to purchase Tamojen arose 20 years ago, there was no hesitation in saying ‘Yes!’.   

As Tamojen had Arabian, Australian Stock Horse and Australian Riding Pony Registrations, and a line-up of people wishing to use him over their mares - it was a fantastic opportunity.

The purchase of Azraq Tamojen was the birth of Samphire Park Stud.   Whilst Tamojen is now sadly gone, his legacy lives on in some of our stock, and he will forever be in our hearts.

The loss of a legend....


Azraq Tamojen


Born: 21st October 1979

Left Us: 1st March 2015


The patriach of our stud and most definitely our best friend.

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