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Koninderie Kaingani (Kain) - S21337

DOB: 4th December 1998 - Chestnut Purebred Arabian
Sire: Johean Jazir - Dam: Inman Park Khemolee



Kains Story...


Kain arrived at Samphire Park Stud at 3pm on Saturday

31st May 2014, it is now October 2014 - 5 months on...


The story begins six years prior in 2008 when Kass & I

went to Brentwood Park Stud to look at a stallion on

behalf of Pam Lane with the intention of breeding her mare, Samphire Park Philadelphia, otherwise known as Philly, and to meet the owner and stud master, Karyn Gitsham


Pam had her eye on Meadow View Valour for Philly’s husband but both Kass and I liked Koninderie Kaingani, probably because he reminded us so much of Tamojen.


Anyway, Pam bred Philly to Valour and she had an amazing bay colt that she named Azraff Amir or known as his stable name, Booker.  We bought Booker off Pam as he was Tamojen’s grandson and if all else failed, we had his grandson to carry on his bloodlines.


Time passed and occasional contact was kept with Karyn via Facebook and letting her know how Booker was going and his success in the show ring.


Then on May 19th, 2014 I had a message from Karyn in a desperate state…would I consider taking Kain as she was no longer able to care for him and she had agisted him with supposed friends, who were going to ‘look after’ him.


Well, he wasn’t looked after and apart from being starved, he was also fretting for Karyn, whom he had been with for most of his life.   She was his best mate and he missed her terribly.


Karyn went to visit him as often as she could and she supplied the people with lots of food to be fed out to Kain morning & night,  but for whatever reasons, that hadn’t happened.


Karyn also had the vet to Kain and was told, if she didn’t get Kain in to a warmer, people friendly, stabled,  caring environment, he wouldn’t last the winter down there on the cold open coastal paddocks.


After much discussion with our stud members, it was decided we would take him. So as arranged, Kass & I met Karyn and her friend Juniper, at Victor Harbour on Saturday 31st May, 2014.


We were shocked when we saw him, he was not the same horse we had seen several years before. Apart from being very thin, it was his demeanour that broke our hearts. He was so sad looking, no spark and visibly very unhappy with his life.


After 1 ½ hours of trying to get him on the float, not his favourite thing to do, we succeeded with brute force and we began the journey home to Samphire Park Stud.  Kain travelled superbly and didn’t move on the 3 hour trip down to the Adelaide Plains.


When we arrived home, it was raining, as it was when we left Wiatpinga, but Kain came off the float very calmly and gently, no rushing or pushing.


We put him in his warm, sandy stable and began loving him and feeding him. In a week he had put on weight, settled well, now rubs me and nickers to me for his feed.  He LOVES being brushed and going for walks to visit the mares and foals.


We started lightly lunging him, just to start increasing his fitness levels without getting him hot and sweaty.  He loves getting in to the arena and actually ‘doing’ some work.


Karyn visits him regularly and is very happy with the way he has progressed.   She can now sleep at night knowing her precious boy is now safe and loved and doing what he loves doing.


Now, 13 weeks later, we have an amazing glossy, healthy, wonderful stallion and we are so proud to announce, our gorgeous mare, El Cajal Chameega is in foal to Kain!!


We have this beautiful stallion for the next five years, maybe forever and we hope he lives a long and happy life, like our wonderful old man, Azraq Tamojen, who incidentally, is 35 this month!!


The End....    Or should we say, The new Beginning? 

YES!    The sad, skinny, rather poor looking horse pictured below is indeed this same beautiful boy above on the day he arrived here at Samphire Park.

It is hard to believe it is the same horse just 5 months ago. Good feed, care and love certainly does the trick!

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